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Client Testimonial

Sven Normann
Health Professional

Went from 6% to 5.6% A1c and lost over 20 lbs!!!

“Sean is professional, knowledgeable, caring, flexible and an all-around nice guy! He cares about his clients and seeks to identify any special needs / or unique situations that they may have. He is willing to adapt the program for a more ‘individualized’ approach.”

Do you recognize the person in the mirror anymore?

You weren’t always overweight. You used to fit into your old clothes. You were slim like the young guys and girls. Now, your blood sugar is high. You’re wondering how things have come to this and are feeling:

– Overwhelmed by doctor recommendations

– Confused by what to eat

– Know you need to change but just can’t seem to find the motivation

– This is what happens when you get “old”


This isn't the life you imagined, but there's good news...

You can REVERSE your condition AND feel young again

And it's easier than you think.

You can reverse your diabetes, avoid medication, and feel like you did in high school! 

  • No more medications piling up
  • No more finger pricks
  • No more back-and-forth with the doctor
  • No more mindless grazing on food

Together, we’ll transform your mind, body, and life.


Diabetes Transformation

My Diabetes program is designed to do one thing: get you results! It’s simple, we start with what you want your health to look like and…we go after it! This means:

  • Avoiding the need for medications
  • DOMINATING nutrition and feeling 100% confident in the foods that are best for YOU
  • Being in control of your cravings, body, health, and destiny
"I feel better than I did 10 years ago. My energy levels are higher and I can concentrate for longer periods of time."
Benjamin Fondrk
St. Paul, MN

Connect with Your Coach: Sean Navin

My name is Sean. I am pumped to start the journey of creating a better YOU. It all starts with one decision that you make because you want things to be different. I’ve been there!

I’ve earned many degrees and credentials: doctor of pharmacy, pharmacist clinician, board certified pharmacotherapy specialist, behavioral and lifestyle counseling certifications, etc. The list really goes on. The only problem was that even with all these letters after my name, I wasn’t having the impact on people’s health that I knew was possible.

So many of my patients suffered from being overweight and having diabetes. They would literally walk away with a grocery bag FULL of meds and much of their day was spent between the pharmacy and the doctor’s office.  Doctors and pharmacists like me would tell patients to “diet and exercise.”  The only thing is that no one took the time to tell them what that means, and if they did, the advice would differ depending on the person you talked to. Talk about confusion!

As the pharmacist, I would become frustrated with people not taking their meds “as prescribed.” I would think, “if people would just take their meds, they wouldn’t be so sick.” What I realized is that while medications are powerful tools, they aren’t the answer for everything. 

Many of the patients I worked with wanted guidance on everything EXCEPT medication: relationships, quitting smoking,  choosing the right foods, how to exercise, etc. As I helped people achieve these things WITHOUT medication, it dawned on me that my true passion is in helping others achieve outstanding health by addressing the actual obstacles in their life.

Enter Dr. Navin Transformation!!

Sean is great and will challenge a good way!
Sara Shahdoost
Santa Clara, CA
"Sean was supportive and provided the guidance and feedback I was looking for to get to the next level."
Mariam Saba
Atlanta, GA

Diabetes Program

  • 8-weeks of transformation that WILL challenge you
  • Work 1-on-1 with Sean each week
  • Gain the vision of a healthy future that’s free of illness
  • BONUSES each week that will give you a VIP experience

All without a gym membership

  • Master your cravings
  • Shed the pounds
  • Be there for your loved ones
"You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought you would."
Alan Lin
Baltimore, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes Transformation is designed for people who want to take charge of their health, reverse their condition, and feel young again. I work with people who have metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, and full blown type 2 diabetes.

100%. People reverse their diabetes without conventional medication all the time. The fact is medication cannot reverse the disease. Reversal has also been published in research journals. Some people don’t know where to start and that’s where I come in!

It is highly possible. As you begin to make changes in your life according to your health goals, you will VERY likely lose weight!!!

3-5 hours per week. Clients who are most successful make the time because their well-being is the #1 priority.

You can start putting diabetes into remission TODAY.

Don't waste another day waiting for the right time. It's NOW.