Managing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes isn't good enough. You're looking for more than just the status quo.

You thought you were eating healthy and exercised enough, but now your high blood sugar has you dazed and confused about what is “good” for you. Now you’re feeling:

– No time to exercise and eat “right”
– Disappointed every time you go to the doctor
 – Confused by what to eat

High blood sugar can be paralyzing. Your family had it, and you know where it leads. 

Life can be so much better!

I help people just like you turn their life around so they can be free from the pricks, pills, and confusion. You don’t have to live with diabetes. You CAN have a better, healthier life.

 If you want to put your diabetes into remission, it can be overwhelming on where to start. That’s where I come in.

Who is Sean Navin and Why Should You Listen?

"If you put in the work, Sean will help you get what you want out of the experience."
Anthony Haddad
West Lafayette, IN

I’ve worked with people suffering from the highest rates of diabetes in the world. I’ve had the privilege  of working one-on-one with hundreds of them to lower their A1c. I even got a special credential called the “Pharmacist Clinician” to do so.

We both know the drill: start with metformin, add another pill or two, then it’s insulin. Not to mention all the meds for cholesterol, kidneys, blood pressure, and maybe a baby aspirin. You get sick of hearing that “diabetes causes all the problems with your health.”

You may have said to yourself, “I guess this is just what happens when you get old,” or “It’s not a big deal, there’s medication I can take.” The truth is: 

You can actually put diabetes into remission and feel healthy and young again.

No one in the traditional health care system will tell you this because the “guidelines” don’t say so, and quite frankly, no one has enough time.  I know because I’ve been there.

You see, I hated seeing my patients get their A1c under control only to have some life event crash in like a bowling ball and send their blood sugars up and down like a rollercoaster. 

It was inevitable. Invariably, we would always be searching for another medication, another drug. A new hope on the horizon.

People with diabetes go down a predictable track.  The meds keep piling up and you still remain sick. No one talks about actually reversing the disease.

That’s why I created the Diabetes Transformation program.

Dr.Navin's Philosophy

Men and women everywhere are suffering from diabetes unnecessarily. Where will you be in 5 years with your condition? YOU can choose. 

You can learn to reverse your diabetes.

The pills and shots lead down an ugly path. 

You don’t have to follow that path…if you don’t want to. 

Through clinical experience, personal growth, research, and good ole fashioned trial-and-error, I’ve learned how you can take back your life and feel young again. No more disappointing notes from the doctor. No more anxiety how your blood sugar is doing.

And I’ll show you how.

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