Why Going Vegetarian, Vegan, or Keto Didn’t Get You Results

Have you ever tried a diet yet didn’t get the results you were looking for?

I remember when I experimented with going “vegetarian” for a year. I have to admit, the documentary “Cowspiracy” was the impetus, but honestly I had begun the journey of healthy food discovery long before.

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What resonated the most with me at the time was how much of an impact on the environment meat eating has. This is still important to me; however, what became more important to me was the impact of being “vegetarian” on my own health (I know, I am selfish). It’s not what you may be thinking.

What I discovered was that it was easy to say I was “vegetarian” and not consume meat, BUT that didn’t mean I was necessarily consuming vegetables. I found that it was quite easy to eat junky, processed food and many others around me who also called themselves “vegetarian” or “vegan” did the same thing.

Of course, many people choose these ways of eating for ethical reasons rather than purely nutritional.

Nevertheless, I realized that for me it was hard to feel the satiation from being purely vegetarian and that eating quality meat helped prevent me from indulging in too many processed carbs. More importantly, I learned that I don’t need to eat meat EVERY SINGLE DAY AT EVERY MEAL. I’ve decided that when it comes to eating meat, it’s likely better to eat less rather than more. #bluezones

SIDE NOTE: it was fascinating to witness the social dynamics around being vegetarian. Sometimes I would feel the need to profess to the world that I am vegetarian and not eating meat (annoying, right?). Other times when ordering at a restaurant, I would casually order a dish that just so happened to NOT have any meat in it, and someone would have to say, “No meat for you, eh?” Yes. It is possible to eat a dish that does not contain ANY meat 🙂

So why do I bring this up? Enough rambling, right?

Well, when it comes to weight loss and diabetes reversal, diets like paleo, vegetarian, vegan, keto, etc. don’t mean JACK. You can be “keto” but aren’t actually being faithful to the nutritional principles b/c…it takes a lot of work and effort!!! Buying boxes of cookies and cakes that say “keto” on them will not reverse your diabetes!

Take home lesson: it is easy to identify with the newest diet, supplement, or juice fad/brand. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re being healthy by simply labeling yourself as that brand (I know, I’ve been there!)

Bye for now!


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